The Raven: I haven’t been this amped about a movie in years…

When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality. –IMDB

Oh. SHIT. Son!

A new movie. With an interesting concept. Based on my favorite author of all-time. The very person I named myself after many years ago when I was still pursing a rap career. How can I NOT be excited about THAT? Ever since I saw the commercial for it during one of the rare occasions I actually watch TV, I’ve been marking days on the calendar, anticipating it’s April 27th release like 2 fat women counting down the seconds until McDonald’s opens at 5am to serve the public.

This is how I feel waiting for “The Raven.”

Yes, it’s that serious. A gentlemen of high esteem such as myself does not venture out to the movies very often, so it takes a (potentially) special film to get me off my lazy ass and into cushioned stadium seating. And a VERY (potentially) special film to do so opening night. The Raven is it (at least it better fucking be).

Here’s the vitals: It’s starring John Cusak (as Poe himself), Luke Evans, & Alice Eve, and is directed by James Teigue (V for Vendetta, & Ninja Assassin). But honestly, none of that really matters, it could’ve been directed by Hype Williams and starring Steve-O from Jackass, and i still would’ve been there first day… OK maybe not, but I would’ve considered it. I mean it’s Edgar Allan fucking Poe we’re talking about here.

With just a shade over a day until release, I can hardly contain my enthusiam. A quick glance at the early metacritic scores (3 poor reviews and 1 solid) have me slightly worried, but you know what? Fuck them, what the fuck do they know, anyway? This is Edgar Allen POE we’re talking about here! Depending on how good (or bad) the movie is, I may just do a review. Stay tuned…




Author: Allen Poe

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